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Wednesday, November 01, 2023
Accepting Responsibility for Crime Victim Trauma
“The victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries.” We hear this phrase on the evening news describing the medical status of a crime victim, and we collectively breathe a sigh of relief. We tell ourselves that because the person did not die, everything will be all right. Read More

Sunday, October 01, 2023
The Sleeping Giants Awaken
SF Residents Engaging in Public Safety Policies Read More

Friday, September 01, 2023
Cup of Common Sense, Anyone?
Well, it happened again, another establishment refused service to an officer in uniform. I guess wanting a cup of coffee while working your shift in uniform is just too much for people. You would think if that were the company policy that the establishment would have the guts to post it so everyone can see it. Read More

Tuesday, August 01, 2023
Nine for Nothing
Often, people that I know and many that I don’t know personally, send all kinds of information to me. Some of this communication is in the form of a funny text, meme, video, or tweet from social media. Full disclosure, I have no social media accounts, none in my name or a fake name. We have a public relations firm that handles our social media accounts for the SFPOA. Read More

Saturday, July 01, 2023
Close Encounters July 2023
It’s an early evening watch with Tenderloin Station Field Training Officer Jordan King and Officer Justin Silvan working uniformed patrol. This shift was Officer Silvan’s first day of Field Training after graduating from the San Francisco Regional Police Academy. Read More

Saturday, July 01, 2023
The Names Don’t Lie
As many people know, the end of June is the end of the City’s fiscal year. While most people are making plans to celebrate our country’s birthday, those of us at the SFPOA office are watching to see how many officers are saying their goodbyes to the Department. Read More

Thursday, June 01, 2023
Close Encounters June 2023
Seems like every time we declare another war on drugs nothing changes. Maybe we have our priorities mixed up. After all, how can we declare a war on drugs when we are helping people using them . . . . Sound bizarre? We think so. And then you have, only in our great City, “The San Francisco Drug Dealers Union. Wait, really??!! Yes, really. Not sure exactly what they do . . . Read More

Thursday, June 01, 2023
Experience Versus Opinions
“The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them knows anything about the subject.” — Marcus Aurelius Read More

Monday, May 01, 2023
Close Encounters May 2023
During the passage of the multiple stories culminated from the Close Encounters column there were many times when investigating officers sure could have used a few more hands to assist several times but were unable to do so because the “extra hands” were also tied up on other situations needing immediate resolution. That situation should not be permitted. Read More

Monday, May 01, 2023
Moving On
Last month our new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was approved by a 10-1 vote from the Board of Supervisors. Active and retired members had been following this contract drama as it played out in the media, the local newspapers, and videos of the board meetings that had been held to discuss the contract up to the vote on it. Read More

Saturday, April 01, 2023
Needing What You Dislike
By now, everyone has seen the videos from the Board of Supervisors’ supplemental budget hearing. In what for some was a complete about face, they implored Chief Scott to send officers to their districts and to value lives over Versace and Louis Vuitton purses, so that the people in their districts can feel safe walking down the street and not get shot, robbed, or assaulted. Read More

Wednesday, March 01, 2023
Close Encounters March 2023
Probably not a good idea to ignite a firecracker in the direction of the police car that’s stopped right next to you but that’s exactly what happened to Officer John Crocket and Officer Gustavo Lopez who were on uniform patrol, driving a marked unit and decided to investigate further. Read More

Wednesday, March 01, 2023
Carry On!
Brothers and sisters, Read More

Wednesday, March 01, 2023
This and That
This month’s lead article is written by Sean Perdomo, who served the POA in many capacities from starting as a defense representative to being our treasurer. I am honored for him to write this month’s President’s column. Read More

Wednesday, February 01, 2023
Close Encounters February 2023
Leave it to Sergeant Jarrod Yee to start off the New Year with a statistic or two in regards to outstanding work the officers at Bayview accomplish every day. Read More

Wednesday, February 01, 2023
Second Time Around, Same…
As I briefly wrote last month, the SFPOA and the city are involved in contract negotiations. Much like the last time we went into a negotiation for our contract in 2018, the road to getting something fair and equitable is just as hard if not harder than 2018 when the POA got an arbitration ruling. In 2018 we were battling several things. Read More

Sunday, January 01, 2023
Close Encounters January 2023
It’s customary to end each Close Encounter article with a careful reminder to “stay safe.” or, even a more sensible “Let’s be careful out there.” an admonishment borrowed from the famous Michael Conrad from the “Hill Street Blues”police-television series a “few” years ago. Read More

Sunday, January 01, 2023
Hello, 2023...
Killer robots, contracts, traffic stops, ah the list is endless when it comes to what 2023 has to offer us. For union business, there is never a shortage of “things” on our plate. From the continual meet and confer circuit, to an election for POA board positions, and even recovering from all those holiday parties! There is never any shortage of work to be done. Read More

Thursday, December 01, 2022
Dispatcher of the "Year"
When San Francisco resident Paul Pelosi, the husband of congressional House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was viciously attacked by a hammer-wielding assailant on October 28, 2022, his 9-1-1 call was answered by SF dispatcher Heather Grimes. Read More

Thursday, December 01, 2022
Close Encounters December 2022
What would you possibly have to do to have a $1 million dollar felony warrant issued for your arrest? Well, in this case the warrant was issued for 2 individuals, 1 male, 1 female, who beat a person within an inch of his life. Read More