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Close Encounters July 2023

July 1, 2023

It’s an early evening watch with Tenderloin Station Field Training Officer Jordan King and Officer Justin Silvan working uniformed patrol.
This shift was Officer Silvan’s first day of Field Training after graduating from the San Francisco Regional Police Academy.
The officers were responding to a disturbance on a Muni bus that took place at 10th and Market Street. Officer King and Officer Silva arrived at the location, but the Muni driver had already left the scene.
Nevertheless, the officers did just happen to recognize one of the riders who was leaving the bus as being wanted for a felony assault where the victim was brutally attacked. Turned out Officer Silvan and Officer King were right — and a “felony-felon” (Has a nice ring to it) was removed from the streets of San Francisco. something that should be done more often than not…

Now here’s a phrase every police officer hates to handle and that is at the end of the call for help the Dispatcher adds, “and the caller says the suspect has a gun.”
And let’s face it — a call like that can cause all sorts of issues that officers responding to must be aware of.
And that’s exactly what the officers from the Tenderloin Task Force must have taken under consideration once they received the notification that an individual with a concealed gun was walking towards their position on Market Street during an investigation. Officer Angel Neverez, Officer Dexter Cato, Officer Ryan Gonzales, Officer Ismall, Officer Declan Maher, Officer Michael Officer Goss and Officer Jeremy Morgan then covered the scenario just as planned by utilizing their training along with time and distance planning because you just never know . . . Oh, and the suspect in this case?
Turned out the suspect did have a gun and was a convicted felon with a prior arrest for…homicide!