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Close Encounters June 2023

June 1, 2023

Seems like every time we declare another war on drugs nothing changes. Maybe we have our priorities mixed up. After all, how can we declare a war on drugs when we are helping people using them . . . . Sound bizarre? We think so.
And then you have, only in our great City, “The San Francisco Drug Dealers Union. Wait, really??!! Yes, really.
Not sure exactly what they do . . .
If you find out let us know. In fact there are so many Non-Profits in this City someone should take a look to avoid duplicity. Doncha think?
Because if you live in San Francisco you’re probably paying for whatever it is that they claim they are doing to reduce the flux and use of deadly drugs in The City supposedly . . . the hard part is getting a list of Non-Profits.
We did hear about an ad paid for by a Non-Profit and hoisted in a neighborhood reading, “ No yelling while you’re selling drugs”. “Our children are trying to sleep”
They thought it was “Unique” but guess who paid for it.

Fortunately, the neighbors on 39th Avenue took special care to check up on each other and their extra vigilism recently paid off when a neighbor, who knew some families were away on vacation phoned the police as soon as she noticed the, “new” neighbors who were seen moving items from the house that shouldn’t have been moved . . . SFPD was there in a flash making sure nothing was taken except for booking photos at City Prison of the intruders.
Those officers responsible for the outstanding heads-up investigation were:
Officer Dietrick
Officer Kwan
Officer Collins
Officer Bobila
Officer McNichol

In the early morning hours Officer Kolby Wilmes, and Officer Kyle Cagney, were on patrol at VanNess and Ellis when dispatch received a 911 call regarding a subject with a gun just a block away.
The officers checked the immediate area and located a suspect who matched the description and who was attempting to conceal himself behind a row of bushes. The officers stopped to investigate and the individual ran off. The chase lasted 3 blocks until the officers could catch up with the suspect. The officers found a gun nearby and a 211 victim who told them that he was on his way home from work when the suspect accosted him without provocation. Furthermore, the victim said that the suspect brandished a gun and pointed it at him and he then heard a ‘click’ leading him to believe that the suspect had attempted to shoot him.
Suspect in custody, weapon booked, and a very lucky man was saved by some very professional officers who, we’re sure, would gladly do it again because they are truly dedicated.