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This and That

March 1, 2023
Tracy McCray - SFPOA President

This month’s lead article is written by Sean Perdomo, who served the POA in many capacities from starting as a defense representative to being our treasurer. I am honored for him to write this month’s President’s column.

While I got a short reprieve on writing the President’s column this month, my observations about the city and our role in it never stops. There is never a shortage of issues, concerns, and problems at the top of our minds that plague the City of St. Francis, but the one thing we continue to seek are viable solutions to all of it. At the moment it may seem that solutions are out of reach. But I have hope for our city.

Recently, I was alerted to a member receiving a DPA complaint for something that allegedly happened over 10 years ago! Have we lost all reason? Can anyone walk off the street to complain about anything whether it is relevant or not? It would seem so. I must admit, complaints have dropped. Why? Frankly, we are running from call to call. Proactive police work has become a thing of the past for most of the patrol force. Patrol is trying handle the overwhelming amount of 911 calls for service, and treading water. You are doing the best that you can, and a majority of the citizens appreciate your efforts. I know I do.

Is it me, or do there seem to be more tents lining the blocks of the City? Could it be because the Court’s ruling preventing the City from clearing them out? The usual spots of Division, Industrial, the alleyways of Van Ness Avenue, etc. are filled. I hope that something can be done by November…
We recently had a class of recruits start at the academy; at last count I believe it was at 10 people…
The department has begun a new recruitment campaign…

In the midst of the staffing issues we are facing, there is still great work being done by our members. Seizing 21 pounds of Fentanyl, firearms, and arresting criminals for a variety of crimes all continue to happen daily. The members need to continue to hear that they are supported and appreciated by everyone in this City for showing up and doing this very difficult job. A shout out to our dispatchers, who are working under tough conditions themselves in trying to relay information and dispatch calls for service to us and our fire/paramedics brothers and sisters. Also, to our brothers and sisters over at the sheriff’s department who are trying to stay safe inside of the jails and work intake while being severely understaffed.

The murder of Tyre Nichols was one of the most heinous crimes I have ever seen committed in all my years as a police officer. Just when you think you have seen it all in this profession, someone shows you something you have not. My condolences to his family and loved ones, may they find peace and comfort in the almighty father during this difficult time. May justice be served to those who have forsaken their oath.

My condolences to family and loved ones of the law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty recently for the month of February, of which 4 out of the 7 were killed by gunfire.
Officer Christopher Fitzgerald, Officer Geoffrey Redd, Officer James Muhlbauer, Officer Julian Becerra, Officer Charles Herring, Officer Peter E. C. Jerving, and Officer Sean L. Sluganski.