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In Memoriam… February 2020

February 1, 2022

The following San Francisco Police Officers were killed or died in the line of duty in the month of February of …

1981: Lieutenant Vernon McDowell, from heart attack.

1978: Officer Robert E. Hooper, killed by gunfire from barricaded suspect.

1971: Officer Charles D. Logasa, killed in helicopter crash.

1970: Sergeant Brian V. McDonnell, killed in bombing of Park Police Station.

1943: Officer Timothy Ryan, shot interceding in a domestic dispute.

1937: Officer Edward F. Flagler, killed in a motorcycle collision.

1937: Officer Albert W. Argens, killed with his own gun by a deranged suspect.

1934: Officer James H. Mann, beaten while dispersing a brawl on Market Street.

1884: Officer John Nicholson, stabbed by a burglar.

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