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Close Encounters June 2021

June 1, 2021

The woman appeared to be unconscious, passed out on a bench near the 900 block of Market Street while a suspect was sexually assaulting her.

Numerous calls were received by Dispatch of what was occurring and Officer Nathan Lim and his partner, Officer Sean Neary responded (along with numerous other Southern police units) and located the victim. They requested immediate medical assistance to evaluate the woman who was still unresponsive. The suspect had already fled the scene.

Over the next few hours the officers initiated a crime scene log, made appropriate notifications, alerted the inspectors from SVU, interviewed witnesses who had initially called to report the incident and accompanied the victim to SFGH.

And it was just 1-day later when Officer Lim along with Officer Ricardo Ramirez located the suspect who was wanted for the assault as he was walking on the 300 block of Golden Gate Avenue.

They immediately detained this individual and notified the on-call inspector for the Special Victims Unit (SVU) who responded and took charge. The suspect was later arrested on numerous felony counts.

Officer Sky Schmierer-Marquez, Officer Declan Flannery and Officer Peter Vander Horn were also nominated for recognition this month by Sergeant Michelle Day, Park Station, for an outstanding investigation and arrest.

Officer Schmierer-Marquez and Officer Declan Flannery had run a records check on an occupied car that came back as stolen. They were immediately backed-up by Officer Vander Horn.

The officers started to conduct a felony vehicle stop when the 2 occupants, a male and female, nervously grabbed several items from the car and tried to walk away. The officers present made sure they didn’t.

Turned out that the red back-pack that the woman passenger was trying to leave with contained a fully-loaded, tactical rifle, with double banana clips for faster reloads. There was also a loaded .45 semi-automatic under the front seat.

You never know . . .

The suspect was responsible for a drive-by shooting where he pursued his victim while firing numerous rounds at him in broad daylight as the 2 cars raced through the Bayview neighborhood putting the public in grave danger.

Officer Kolby Willmes and Officer Paul Chavarin-Rubio searched for and located the suspect’s vehicle and then wisely set up a surveillance of the area waiting for the suspect to return to his car. He did and they detained him.

A search warrant was obtained and guns and narcotics were recovered at the suspect’s residence and the suspect was arrested.

Sergeant J. Lee did a tremendous job of making sure that all of the officers involved in this investigation were commended, and there were many!


And there was another drive-by shooting in the Bayview where the driver used an AR-15 to shoot at an occupied vehicle. There wasn’t much to go on except for a detailed description of the car that was used for the assault.

Officer Claudia Valle and Officer Ramy Louis spotted that car several days later and conducted a traffic stop. Turned out the driver was unlicensed so the car would be inventoried. And it was just his bad luck that inside the car was a fully-loaded, AR-15 with an extended clip, and he happened to be a convicted felon.

Sergeant J. Lee covered this one also preparing a commendation for the officers citing, “their dedication to duty likely averted further criminal activity and resulted in a stellar arrest where a dangerous weapon was removed from the wrong hands.”

And, finally, this commendation prepared by Sergeant Ryan Hart, Night Investigations:

“I would like to draw your attention to some excellent police work.

“On 5/20/21, a group of +20 subjects violently beat a victim unconscious on the 200 block of Leavenworth Street. Once unconscious, the suspects continued to repeatedly kick and punch the victim. Numerous Tenderloin coppers responded to the scene including: Officer Dillon Bortmas, Officer Ryan Prasadi, Officer John Murphy, Officer Corey McDowell, Sgt. Brian Hopkins, and Sgt. Jennifer Fiorello. They provided emergency treatment on the victim and performed an outstanding initial investigation. Based on the thoroughness of the investigation and a history of stellar hard work, Officer Murphy was able to ID one of the suspects moments into the incident.

“Tonight, Officer John Murphy and Officer Corey McDowell located the first of many suspects to come. With the combined assistance of Officer Murphy, Officer McDowell, Officer Dillon Bortmas, Officer Ryan Prasadi, Officer Lorena Jimenez, Officer Paredes, Sgt. Hopkins, and Sgt. Fiorello, the suspect was swiftly apprehended without incident in possession of contraband and incriminating evidence.

“Based on the excellent work ethic of the above mentioned coppers, I suspect this is just the first of many arrests in this case!

“I appreciate the outstanding work. “

Indeed! Stay Safe!