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2020: The Year That Was(n’t)

January 1, 2021
Tony Montoya - SFPOA President

As we roll into 2021, we all are thinking, “2020 was a horrible year, next year has to better.” I hope so, but it’s my job to assume it gets worse. As this new year matures, I think it’s incumbent upon us all to appreciate the strength we have together—as one union.

From late November through to December, our District Attorney has made it clear that it’s open season on police officers. No matter if you’re defending yourself or coming to the aide of what a resident calls in as vicious domestic violence, our DA may decide to prosecute you.

To be crystal clear, if this happens to you, the SFPOA has your back. We will not let a defense attorney and his team of non-prosecutors, bully our police department into not doing its job. As we raised during the campaign, our fair DA has little actual trial experience and has had to carry none of the burdens that a prosecutor carries trying to achieve true justice where the rights of the accused are balanced with the pain of the victims.

Over the course of his first year, he’s failed this test miserably.

Mr. Boudin, however, has built a large portion of his credibility on attacking the SFPOA. He’s used antiquated examples of our union to leverage his current positions. It’s a coward’s route to governing. Rather than acknowledging the progress we’ve made, he uses us as his foil to scare people, raise money for his new political action committee and to mislead the public.

The reality is the SFPOA, and all of you, have the same goals as many of the rest of the elected officials in our city, minus Chesa, and that’s to rescue our streets and return them to their former glory.

Over the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many of the members of the Board of Supervisors. And they want what we want, safe and clean streets.

I’ve explained to them the toll it takes on our officers to watch people literally die on the streets in front of them. To see someone so far gone from reality, but not be able to help them. Chesa tells everyone we want to lock these people up. But you know the truth. We want them to get the help they need. The sad truth is, however, that no government agency or charitable organization has been able to accomplish this feat. So, we roll to these calls. Day after day.

But hucksters like Chesa don’t want solutions. When we arrest the same punk selling dope in the Tenderloin 12 times, we want him to serve time. He’s poisoning the people we’re trying to save. Chesa wants you to believe these serial dealers are the victim. His aim is to put that dealer back on the street, with zero consequences and zero support, and anyone who disagrees with that approach is a racist.

Sorry Chesa, that dog no longer hunts here.

Twice as many people died on our streets this year compared to last year. That is not a SFPD problem. That’s our social safety net’s problem. And we’re making it clear that the SFPOA is 100% in on finding a solution that literally saves lives. The catch? The solution cannot be brought by unicorns dancing on rainbows or ivy league scholars who haven’t waded through the vomit, feces and despair of a street overtaken by gun-wielding thugs and desperate addicts.

2021 may be tougher than last year. Maybe we turn a corner. But the SFPOA resolution is that we will be problem solvers for anyone serious about solving problems in an authentic way. Otherwise, and Chesa this means you, we will expose you for being a phony who capitalizes on the misery of others to boost your personal career.