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Thank You, President Halloran

June 1, 2018
Tony Montoya - SFPOA President

Some say timing is everything. Maybe yes, maybe no. Whichever it is, the timing was right for President Marty Halloran who, on May 16, 2018, resigned his presidency of the San Francisco Police Officers Association. At the monthly Board of Directors Meeting, Marty announced that he was stepping down as POA President, and proudly returning to the rank-and-file.

Over the past sixteen years, Marty has selflessly and tirelessly served as an Executive Board Member; five years as President, one year as Vice President, and nine years as Treasurer. Anytime a member was in need, irrelevant of the circumstances or the time of day, Marty never let a phone call go unanswered, and he always rose above and beyond to assist.

Prior to joining the Executive Board, Marty spent the previous decade serving on numerous POA committees, and chairing or co-chairing several of those. Although his SFPD career had no limits, Marty stopped taking promotional exams after being promoted to Sergeant in May of 1998, and then to Inspector in January of 1999.

Marty’s passion and true calling is serving and protecting the people of this city. But he realized early-on in his career that also serving the men and women of the SFPD was vitally important to the overall effectiveness and traditions of the department. To that end, he committed himself to be the best police officer he could be, as well as a dedicated police officer representative.

Marty has always respected the men and women of Labor. His father was a 65-year member of Carpenters Local 22. Two of his brothers are also members of that local, and his younger brother served as President of Carpenters Local 22 for 19 years. At an early age, Marty learned the importance of an effective union.

As Treasurer, Marty was instrumental in maintaining the POA’s sound fiscal health. He did so with meticulous accounting, strong investments, and never-ending monitoring of the expenses. In large part to his tight grip on the purse strings, and his close eye on the bottom line, the POA has never been more financially robust

Marty’s Presidential years were among the most challenging that our profession and association have endured. Marty always stood up for our members’ rights. He was their loudest defending voice when a cacophony of other interests and denouncers were on the attack. Whether it was “politically correct”, according to some, or popular, Marty never wavered from doing the right thing for the members.

The membership has never had a more ardent and vociferous cheerleader than Marty Halloran. Knowing that the officers of the SFPD perform heroic and compassionate deeds many times each day, 365 days each year, it always irked him that more media attention was not focused on those incidents. He was never shy about phoning a media representative to tout a noble accomplishment by one of his members. No president of this association has ever issued as many public service announcements, interviews, email blasts, or Journal articles about the members and their exemplary service to the people of this city.

Not only is Marty a decorated and well-respected police officer, he is an icon amongst fellow police union leaders. Marty is highly respected by other public safety employee leaders throughout this country, and even parts of Canada. Every year, POA representatives attend a conference at Harvard University called the “Big 50” that represents the 50 largest Police Unions in the US and Canada. Although it has grown much larger and is now international, you would always get asked the same questions by those in attendance. Where’s Marty? Is Marty coming this year? During this three-day conference, Marty was referred to as a “Rock Star” and was celebrated as one of the most effective and far-sighted leaders in the public safety arena.

I could write much about Marty’s various and singular accomplishments, but they are too numerous to categorize here. Suffice it to say that few people have contributed so much to this organization. Few people have given so much of themselves to the members, either individually or collectively. And, few have done so with as much sincere humility.

In closing, I thank Marty for all he’s done for the members and for me. I have had the privilege to serve with this icon of leadership as his second in command. I have learned much from that mentorship and friendship. I will do all in my power as the newest president of this association to continue to march forward on the progressive path that he and those before him have paved.

The next time you see Marty, give him a hearty hand shake and thank him for his service, it’s the least we can do.

Now — for my first-president’s message only —I end my thoughts with a “right back at ya”, closing with Marty’s signature and very Gaelic…

Slainte, Mr. President!