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SFPOA Recommendations - March 2024

These recommendations are for some positions and ballot measures in San Francisco, Democrat and Republican Central Committees, and California State races. The SFPOA did make some endorsements and financial donations towards certain candidates and measures appearing on this list. These are recommendations to help our members and supporters to make informed decisions. Various voter guides and were used in putting out these recommendations: San Francisco Voter guide pamphlet, Together SF Action, SF GOP, SF Public Press, KQED voting guide, Briones Society, The No B.S. Voter Guide, Grow SF etc. For individuals and ballot measures that you don’t see a recommendation for on this list, please seek more information to help you make your choice.

San Francisco Local Propositions

PROP A: Affordable Housing Bond - NO

PROP B: Police Officer Staffing Level Conditioned on Amending Existing or Future Tax Funding - NO

PROP C: Real Estate Transfer Tax Exemption and Office Space Allocation - NO

PROP D: Changes to Local Ethics Laws - YES

PROP E: Police Department Policies and Procedures - YES

PROP F: Illegal Substance Dependence Screening & Treatment for Recipients of City Public Assistance - YES

PROP G: Algebra 1 for 8th graders - YES

Superior Court Judges

Seat 1: Vote for Chip Zeche
Seat 13: Vote for Jean Myungjin Roland

State Assembly, District 19

Catherine Stefani

DCCC Assembly District 17

Supervisor Matt Dorsey
Nancy Tung
Lily Ho

DCCC Assembly District 19

Supervisor Catherine Stefani
Marjan Philhour
Michela Alioto-Pier

RCCC Assembly District 17

Charles Page Chamberlain
David Cuadro
Jennie Feldman
Bill Jackson
Christopher Lewis
Christian Foster
Josh Wolff
Jamie Wong
William Shireman
Larry Marso
Jason Zeng
Min Chang

RCCC Assembly District 19

Martha Conte
Nicholas Berg
Jeremiah Boehner
Peter Elden
Jay Donde
Jan Diamond
Tom Rapkoch
Grazia Monares
Deah Williams
Jennifer Yan
Rodney Leong
John Dennis
Howard Epstein