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The San Francisco Police Officers Association has digitally preserve all of our print publications and many of our collection of photographs and other historical items. Included in the archives are publications and photos dating back as early as the 1940s. We know of no other Law Enforcement employee organization in this nation that has endeavored to collect, preserve, and make available to the world its vital history in such a comprehensive manner.

The history of this organization – like that of any other – includes times and events that do not always portray us in the best light. We have made no effort to censor our vibrant and colorful historical record. It is, what it is, and none of it should be re-written or obscured. All of our laundry, dirty or not, is now dangling on the proverbial clothesline out there on the World Wide Web. We have made no effort to edit out the headlines and articles that, in the context of the present day, might not be considered “politically correct” or that might cast this organization into disrepute. As I said, it is our history, and its value as such far outweighs any political fall-out that might occur by taking any of it out of its true historical context. We, like all students of history, have generally learned from our mistakes, and so this historical record illuminates our long and ever-evolving journey. --- Ray Shine, Editor


SFPOA publications dating back to the 1940's are being uploaded. Those include all issues of the POA Journal, and most issues of POA Notebook and The Policeman. Click here to view a static list categorized by printing date, or click here to go to the search.

Journal Home Search the Archive