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The POA Journal

The POA Journal is the official publication of the San Francisco Police Officers Association. For questions on the Journal Contact the Journal Staff. For information content Submissions, see the Journal Submission Guidelines and the Journal Policies, below. For Advertising in The Journal see the Advertising Requirements. Click here to Subscribe to the POA journal.

Journal Submissions

We accept advertising and submissions of articles, photographs, or other media from both members and non-members. We reserve the right to publish or not publish any submission by either a member or non-member as per our editorial policy and or the by-laws of the SFPOA. Submissions of letters, articles, or stories can be forwarded to the POA Journal electronically as email attachments to, or by US Mail, SFPD inter-departmental mail, or hand delivered to the POA office. Photographs, artwork, or other illustrations or graphics can also be forwarded as above, however if attaching to an email, please format the photo as a JPEG.


Journal Policies

The POA Journal is the official newspaper of the San Francisco Police Officers Association and is published to express the policies, the ideals and the accomplishments of the Association. It is the POA Journal's editorial policy to allow members to express their individual opinions and concerns within the necessary considerations of legality and space. Submissions that are racist, sexist, and/or unnecessarily inflammatory or offensive will not be published. Contributors must include their names with all submissions but may request that their names not be printed. Anonymously submitted material will not be published. The SFPOA and the POA Journal are not responsible for unsolicited material. The editors reserve the right to edit submissions to conform to this policy.

The POA and POA Journal reserve all rights. Reproduction or redistribution in whole or in part of any text, graphic, or photograph printed in the POA Journal is prohibited without express permission from the POA. Any other use is unauthorized. Express permission from the POA can only be obtained from the editor, or from an authorized person on the POA Executive Board or president's staff, or from an author, artist, photographer or other proprietary person who is entitled to copyright privileges as ascribed by law. The POA and the POA Journal do not necessarily consider persons depicted or represented by graphics, photographs, or other likeness obtained in a public venue to be "public figures" and any reproduction or redistribution of said graphic or photograph may also require the express permission of the person depicted. Any altering of, or unauthorized redistribution of, or other use of a graphic or photograph published in the POA Journal that misrepresents the original context of its use is expressly prohibited.