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Will They Listen and Will They Act?

To: All Members
From: Martin Halloran
The horrific terrorist attack in New York City yesterday once again demonstrates that this form of inflicting mass casualties by using a vehicle as a weapon has become more commonplace. We would be naïve to think that it could not or would not happen here in San Francisco. The POA has brought this to the attention of the Police Commission and the Chief of Police several times.
In November 2016 the POA sent a letter to Police Commission President Suzy Loftus outlining the inadequate proposed UOF policy related to firing at suspects in moving vehicle. In March of this year the POA sent a similar letter (click here to read the letter) to Chief Scott. Both letters were sent immediately after terrorist utilized a moving vehicle to kill and maim innocent victims. Both letters were ignored or dismissed.  
The POA has sent another letter (click here to read the letter) to the Police Commission pleading that either the Commission or the Chief clarify or amend our policy to allow members to defend the public that we serve and to defend ourselves in the event that this horror comes to San Francisco. The question is, will they listen and will they act?