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Regarding the Police Commission Vote

To: All Members
From: Martin Halloran

The POA applauds the Police Commission for their vote on Friday that the implementation of CED's, commonly known as Tasers, should occur within the SFPD. This affirmative vote was for the idea or the concept of Tasers. There was no vote on a policy even though a working draft has been vetted through the the working group going back to February of this year and the Police Commission has this draft in their possession.

With fewer less lethal options available to SFPD officers than most law enforcement agencies in the country, the POA is prepared to take this important issue to the voters. The debate over Tasers has been going on for over seven years in front of four different Chiefs with multiple draft policies presented to the Police Commission. It is imperative that this issue moves along for adoption of a workable policy in order to reduce injuries and save lives.