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Tasers? Police Commission Special Meeting.

To: Active Members
From: Martin Halloran
The Police Commission has called for a special meeting tonight (click for the agenda) to discuss and possibly take action on whether or not Tasers (aka CED) should be introduced and implemented as a force option within the SFPD but here is the kicker; they will not be voting on a policy to govern there use. Why? Because they don’t have a draft policy before them. They will be voting yea or nay on an idea or concept with absolutely no substance.  
How can the POA even take a position, one way or the other, when we have no knowledge, NONE, of what may be included or excluded in a potential future policy. This is nonsensical. They will be voting on symbolism over substance. The issue of Tasers has been before previous Police Commissions and previous Chief’s for the past seven years and only now are they deciding on implementation with no direction on the use of Tasers or the training of the membership.

Depending on the Police Commission actions or inactions tonight, The POA will be making a public statement about Tasers and how our officers have fewer less lethal options available to us than any other major metropolitan law enforcement agency in this country.