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You Have Rights Under POBAR

To: Active Members
From: Martin Halloran
As many of you know, representatives of the POA, both at a station level and from the Executive Board, have addressed members at the conclusion of station watch line-ups for DECADES.  The POA was taken aback therefore in early August when Chief Scott unilaterally prohibited ANY POA representatives from speaking to ANY watches.  As the Chief testified under oath on Friday (at the arbitration over the grievance we filed), he issued this gag order because POA LDF representatives were attempting to explain POBAR rights to officers at Central Station pertaining to the IA Criminal division’s surprise, off-duty visits to witness officers’ homes trying to extract statements from them.  He does not like the POA questioning management or their tactics.
But that’s what a union does.  The POA will give support to the Chief and the Department where it is appropriate—and in this anti-law enforcement environment, it will happen often.  However, where we disagree with the Chief and the Department, we will not flinch from protecting your rights.  
The dispute in this instance falls into the latter category.  You have rights under POBAR.  You will decide whether to exercise them, but the POA’s job is to make sure you know what they are.
Chief Scott testified on Friday that he wants POA representatives to obtain prior approval from a commander before addressing line-ups.  At the arbitration, he conceded that’s LAPD’s rule. When DHR proposed that rule as a possible settlement to the grievance I let your Board of Directors weigh in; they rejected it UNANIMOUSLY.
We will continue the arbitration on Thursday.  Unfortunately, this means that as your President I will be prohibited from meeting and speaking with you at Halloween lineups, something I’ve done before larger watches at Halloween, New Years Eve, or Super Bowl 50 for years.  
My message this year will be restricted to an electronic email. As always, stay safe this Halloween, wear your vest and your seat belts, and call a 10-25 if you need it.

I hope to have this issued resolved soon and to be able to see you in person on New Years Eve.