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To: Active Members
From: Martin Halloran
For many decades one of the ways the POA has communicated directly with you, our members, is by addressing line-ups. This allows you to confront me, Executive Board members or your elected station reps, or vice-versa. These meetings are often impromptu, arising as needed. It may involve new disciplinary procedures, or an update on contract negotiations or changes at the POA. Sometimes management will ask us to address the troops. It has never caused any problems and it has never interfered with Department business. It has long been a win-win.
As I explained in my recent Journal column, Chief Scott has banned POA representatives from addressing line-ups. He shut down your right to free speech because he believed POA representatives planned to criticize the Department about a dispute we’ve had. We believe it is even more important than ever for the POA to be addressing the members face-to-face because this Administration neglects to do so, preferring to lock itself away in its ivory tower at the Public Safety Building.
Tomorrow we will present our claim that our past practices protect the POA’s right to communicate with you to a labor arbitrator. The Department is opposing us. The Chief wants us subjected to the same rules LAPD uses to limit its union from addressing line-ups. The one settlement offer we received from the department was unacceptable and your Board of Directors rejected it unanimously.