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UCOPS Fast-Tracks its Organization and Outreach

May 1, 2017
Martin Halloran

UCOPS Treasurer

Over the past two years, criticism of law enforcement by some in the political arena, by certain media organizations, and certainly by the anti-police professional protestors has reached a frenzied state. The unrest has largely been based on false accusations and misinformation about our profession. We law enforcement labor organizations up and down the west coast of the United States have had enough. We have organized and are united to fight the media assault.

We recognize that improvements can and should be made within our noble profession. We also know that the great work done, day in and day out, by the men and women in our agencies goes unrecognized and under-reported. 

That changes now.

The United Coalition of Public Safety (UCOPS) meeting at the Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS) on April 13th proved to be very productive. Our Bylaws have already been adopted and all associations involved have already deposited their dues for 2017 based on each associations membership. Along with the San Francisco Police Officers Association, the founding law enforcement labor organizations are:

  • Seattle Police Guild
  • Portland PA
  • Sacramento POA
  • San Francisco POA  
  • Oakland POA
  • San Jose POA
  • Long Beach POA
  • Los Angeles PPL

At the meeting on the 13th we approved and voted unanimously on a UCOPS logo, letterhead, and website (see link below). We also voted on the inaugural Executive Board of UCOPS. They are:

  • President Daryl Turner (Portland PA)
  • Vice President Paul Kelly (San Jose POA)
  • Secretary Robert Harris (Los Angeles PPL)
  • Treasurer Martin Halloran (San Francisco POA)

We are committed to educate the public on all aspects of our jobs and ensure that the positive stories about law enforcement are not dismissed or forgotten.

The UCOPS mission statement reads, in part,

“… to publicly promote, through education and outreach, the exceptional work of law enforcement officers in our communities.”


There is no better place to start this outreach than in our own agency.  

We hope that you will take a look at our homepage and Facebook page: