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All Storms Pass

May 1, 2016
Martin Halloran SFPOA President

It has been busier than usual this past month, and certainly much stormier in terms of swirling media squalls and sporadic lightening strikes. The issues are numerous and very pressing. Any one in and of itself would be enough to demoralize a weaker organization, but we are – fortunately or not, depending on your point of view – very experienced at heading off these storms. I must admit, however, that even I was starting to hunker down a bit until I read the letter reprinted on this page from Father Mike Quinn.  After reading it, a bluer sky has opened, and I have put away my umbrella.

Inside this month’s Journal, there are a number of issues that you should read about and ponder. But before you turn a single page, or glance at a single headline, do yourself a huge favor and read Father Mike’s message. Your day will go much better after you do.

In fact, read it twice…